Z Wave

About Z Wave Pro

Z Wave Pro is a powerful way to reduce the appearance of cellulite as a stand-alone treatment. This safe, non-invasive procedure tightens skin by transmitting powerful radial shockwaves directly into the skin tissue.  The energy impacts the skin’s collagen and connective tissue and increases blood flow, cell rejuvenation and the strengthening of the connective tissue, leading to beautiful, pain-free results.

Take your CoolSculpting treatment to the next level of beauty and comfort by adding the Z Wave Pro. This simple but effective treatment administers pain- free high energy radial shockwaves for enhanced skin tightening and body contouring after a CoolSculpting treatment.  SlimDOC is one of the first to offer this service in conjunction with CoolSculpting in the Atlanta area.  This effective treatment has been shown to minimize side affects and yield quicker results.

Special offer:

Z Wave Treatment

with your CoolSculpting procedure.

Special offer:

FREE Z Wave Treatment

with your CoolSculpting procedure.

What you should know about
the Z Wave treatment:

How quickly are the changes visible?

Clear changes may be seen after only 2-3 sessions. Your skin will get smoother and noticeable firmer. It usually takes 6 to 10 sessions to complete the treatment.

Is this treatment painful?

No, quite the contrary. Many patients say this treatment feels similar to a relaxing massage.

Results are long lasting.

Regular refresher sessions, exercise and a balanced diet, will enhance and maximize results.

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